Halos 16-Inch


Halos planters are inspired by their holy design which signifies peace and simplicity. Its design enables it to go with any furniture, wall texture, or natural view. Its size and shape help a wide variety of plants to grow in it. It gives any place a polite and luxurious look on its own.

B : 15 Inch
H : 16 Inch

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It is designed with a perfect finish for creating a deep visual essence in the surrounding. ‘All in one’ watering and crop support solution for popular crops such as tomatoes, peppers and beans. The central inner pot creates the planting area which is particularly useful when used with grow bags as it allows a deeper planting zone to develop healthier plants.

Build Quality and Features
The industrial grade fiberglass in our products is a composite material that provides unparalleled performance and durability in all weather conditions. Premium quality polyester resin is combined with glass fibers to create a material that is as strong and reliable as traditional materials like stone but much lighter in weight. The superior strength-to-weight ratio of fiberglass enables our craftsmen to hand craft innovative designs in all shapes and sizes that can be installed, lifted and carried with ease. Resistant to UV, frost and a range of other weather conditions, industrial grade fiberglass is ideal for use indoor/outdoor in any climatic condition.

Delivery Schedule
0-5 Planters 10 Days
5-25 Planters 15 Days
25-50 Planters 25 Days
50-100 Planters 30 Days
100+ Planters Team@leelagreeens will co-ordinate on call. Thank you for showing interest

Beige, Black, Cream, Dark Brown, Dark Grey, Dark Red, Light Brown, Light Grey, Light Red, Mettalic Red, Off white, Orange, White, Yellow


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