Landscape Garden

There is no denying the fact that most of us spend the majority of our time indoors. But deep inside aren’t we all drawn outside to soak in the sights of nature? If you feel so, then it will be nice to have a small chunk of outdoor retreat in your home in the form of Landscape Gardens. At Leela Greens, we provide landscape gardening service by incorporating distinctive and attractive landscape with premium craftsmanship. The landscaped gardens that we create don’t just please the eye, but they also leave a remarkable and beautiful impression on your property. So get in touch, and see your fairy tale garden dream taking the form of reality.

Vertical Gardening

Vertical gardens are the perfect space-saving and sustainable addition for urban conditions. As the cities are becoming more cramped, a vertical garden can be a great idea to bring in a range of environmental benefits to your home. We can build you a vertical garden wall that faces the sun and keeps the heat out while lowering the temperature. Bid adieu to the global warming side effects and say hello to the latest eco-friendly gardening trend. Vertical gardens can be the edgiest way of personifying your commercial image or personal taste, so build one and incline towards the greener side.

Terrace Gardening

Why leave your terrace while decorating your home or office? Set up a seating area, plant some greens, and your terrace can bring in all the drama that you anted outside. Besides, do you know that a terrace garden can reduce the indoor temperature by 6-8 degrees while reducing your air conditioning cost? Plant some shrubs or small planters over your roof and you can reduce the overall heat absorption while insulating the building. Your terrace can be your ultimate escape after a hectic, exhausting day at work. So, transform your bland, monotonous space into a green, exciting space and add to the crowning glory of your house.

Balcony Gardening

Plants don’t just compensate for the lack of contact with nature, they soothe our soul that craves freedom in confinement. If you wish to add to the overall appeal of your establishment and ensure a pleasing and soothing ambiance, then renovating your balcony while revamping it with greenery can be an excellent alternative. Along with the corresponding decrease in energy conservation, an adequate amount of healthy greens can also eliminate the need for artificial air fresheners. Get nature’s own champions for your balcony and experience the joy of having therapeutic effects of nature in the age of concrete jungles.

Urban Farming

Reconnect to agriculture with profound urban farming services from Leela Greens. In the fast-paced concrete jungle of the millennium, urban farming services can be your way of giving back to the community. Ranging from sustainability and affordability to health and convenience, urban greening offers tons of benefits.

You can include urban agriculture in the community and backyard gardens or in vacant lots and include agriculture that focuses on niche markets and higher-margin products. You can include vegetable landscaping, hydroponic farming, mushroom farming, floral agriculture, organic farming, rooftop tea gardens, or anything that you find interesting.

At Leela Greens, we are filled with ideas and technologies that can aid you in making a difference through urban agriculture. We can help you with services related to terrace gardening in balconies or terraces. There are numerous innovations to pick from and we never fall short of creativity or skills. Our experts are equipped with the knowledge and tools to help you grow regional, seasonal, and typical plants in your home-grown urban garden.

Be a cultivation enthusiast and grow an urban farm in your terrace or a kitchen garden that inclines you towards the green side. Start from a small kitchen garden and expand gradually or grow a full-fledged farm from the very first stage. We have options for everyone who wants to grow a farm to support the green revolution. As deforestation leads the way, today urban greening is more significant than ever, and we are there to support you!

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