Ways to beautify your home with Leela Green’s Planters


Greens are an inevitable part of our life. Interior décor can look so insipid without a dash of green included. Whether you are designing a space for a client or looking to bring a new look and feel to your own home, any good interior design plan should look for opportunities to add plants into space. Plants bring plenty of advantages with them as decor accessories, including the range of colors and textures that they can be counted on to add. And if you have a room that has too little green and too much empty space, a planter can be just the right solution.  So take a look around your home. The next time you notice that you have an empty corner, and space just doesn’t feel complete, you might not need to fill it up with more furniture.  A planter could be the missing ingredient that completes the room while bringing a new sense of freshness to the decor. It’s important to remember, however, that plants are living things. While flower arrangements are always lovely, adding real or faux greenery is a fresh and stunning way to bring the outside in, no matter what season. From delicious eucalyptus to winding ivy, there are countless vines, leaves, and shrubs to choose from and even more ways to decorate your house with them. Check out some of our favorite ways to fill your home with green in every room. Here are five easy tips for a greener environment that you can create at home!

  1. Statement planters for your house– Try placing the plants in stands of varying heights to ensure they make a statement. Like one can always try on having an L-shaped shelve to save the floor-space and at the same time place the plants in a way that the height of each gives a statement to the room.
  2. Give your kitchen a makeover– The kitchen area can be used and plants can be integrating into the décor and small pots can be placed below the windows. One can try creating small vertical gardens for herbs and succulents. Cooking with fresh ingredients straight from your mini garden in the kitchen is the most exquisite thing and the welcoming décor just makes the kitchen a place to be.
  3. Reading nook– Plants brings natural texture and good energy to your reading nook. A vertical plant arrangement looks like a piece of artwork and one can place it in a corner and it will help in changing the atmosphere in the room.
  4. Give your home a beginning– Decorating the hallways not just brings life to your house but the blooming flowers and the planters make it look inviting for the guests. The entrance of your house should always feel pleasant and warming and having shade plants all over the entrance just makes the house look more vibrant.
  5. Plants are your party savior– It is not necessary to always have your plants on the top of the table. If you are planning for a house-warming party or a baby shower then you need to have good table space. Tuck a couple of FRP planters underneath to fill in space with color, or use the wall hanging planters to make space look more cool and chic.


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